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Brenika Lott

Orange Police have announced the arrest of a woman after the discovery of a child’s body late last week. 32-year-old Brenika Lott, who lists addresses in both Orange and Thibodeaux, Louisiana, is charged with capital murder and bond has been set at $1 million.

The investigation began early Friday morning when police responded to 712 10th Street in Orange when 5-year-old Daviana Landry was found deceased. Police say an autopsy revealed the girl died as a result of blunt force trauma and the death was ruled a homicide.

As of Tuesday, Lott remained incarcerated in the Orange County Jail.

UPDATE - KFDM 6 News has obtained the arrest affidavit and they filed the following report:

The Probable Cause Affidavit for the arrest of Lott filed by a Sergeant with the Orange Police Department states:

"The responding officers arrived on scene and encountered Brenika Lott, who was performing CPR on a 5-year-old child (Daviana Landry) in the living room of the residence. Orange Fire personnel noted that Daviana was completely nude and had apparent bruising on her arms, chest and facial areas. It was also noted that Daviana's eyes were bruised and appeared swollen shut."

Police believe she'd been dead for 'an amount of time' based on the condition of the body.

Police say Lott and her son voluntarily accompanied officers to the Police Department. Lott agreed. Police say during the initial interview, "Lott advised detectives that when she awoke the morning of Friday, June 26 at 11:05 a.m.. she noticed that her 5-year-old goddaughter, Daviana Landry, was lying on the living room floor, completely naked."

Lott said she immediately awakened her son, had him call 911, and she began to perform CPR.

"During the interview, Lott informed detectives that Daviana had been staying with her for over a week and is the daughter of a close friend from Thibodeaux, Louisiana. Lott informed detectives that during Daviana's stay, the only people who resided or visited her house were her and her 11-year-old son. When asked about the injuries to Daviana, she reported that they were from dust mites. Lott reported that she treated Daviana's insect bites with Calamine lotion. Lott reported that Daviana had also sustained a minor injury to the back of her head, which she had treated with liquid band aid. Lott reported Daviana had sustained the injury from playing on a slip and slide, in the back yard, on Thursday, June 25 and that it was only a minor scratch."

Investigators say preliminary autopsy results Monday indicate the "preliminary cause of death of Daviana Landry was determined to be craniocerebral trauma, to include skull fractures, subdural hemorrhage, and brainstem contusions. The preliminary manner of death was ruled Homicide."

Detectives met with Lott at the Orange Police Department Monday afternoon and went over the autopsy findings. They say "Lott was shown photographs of Daviana and the traumatic injuries that resulted in her death. Lott continued to ignore the autopsy findings and continued to insist the injuries were from insect bites."

Investigators say Lott's son told them he witnessed his mother assault Daviana multiple times. They say the 11-year-old "stated Lott punched Daviana in the head with her hands, multiple times. When asked clarifying details about the assault, the 11-year-old stated Lott pushed Daviana, slapped her, and choked her. The 11-year-old also stated that Lott hit Daviana with multiple objects and kicked her."

Detectives say they received a voluntary consent to search form signed by Lott and obtained a search warrant. They say her son identified several specific objects Lott used to assault Daviana.


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