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Rashad Lewis

*KJAS News allows a political candidate for local office the opportunity to make ONE political statement. The following is that of District 1 Councilman Rashad Lewis, candidate for Jasper Mayor:

Lewis For Mayor Announcement

Jasper, TX – Rashad Lewis, Honorable Councilman for Jasper District 1, issues the following official campaign announcement:

“When I first ran for city council, I was an untested, write-in candidate. Against all odds, I prevailed and now serve District 1 with integrity, transparency, and fiscal diligence. Yet, it was my time as councilman that showed me how our local government works and, sadly, how it fails our community. With my term expiring in May, I’ve taken time to pray about my next step and how to better serve my hometown. With that said, I take great pride in announcing my candidacy for Mayor of Jasper.

Public service requires selflessness, so I thank our interim mayor for his service. Nonetheless, I am running for this elected office because I believe I am the best candidate. I have the experience, political acumen, and management skills to effectuate the office to its fullest.

I’m running because I’m concerned about the decaying economic condition of our city and the adversity that many of our residents face because of it. I’m not running because our leaders lack vision. I’m running because our city needs a strategic plan to realize that vision.

Our city faces major challenges ahead.

Chief among those is the lack of cooperation in Jasper. We must end the dysfunction in our local government. We must stop the bickering and take action to save our city from the shortsightedness that plagues it. As mayor I will act to implement a strategic plan that sets priorities, strengthens our existing city operations, and focuses our energy toward the common goal of making Jasper a better place to live.

To accomplish this, Jasper needs investment. As mayor, I will work earnestly to promote a positive synergistic relationship with JEDCO and the Jasper- Lake Sam Rayburn Chamber of Commerce. As mayor I will fight to ensure that Jasper fosters an environment that invites manufacturing and technological investment to promote job-creation, livable wages, and long-term economic growth.

As mayor, I will fight for a balanced city budget that allocates funds to improve our roads and aging gas lines. At the same time, I will fight to provide support for our city employees who work tirelessly to achieve that objective.

As mayor, I will present our city council a proposal that provides a common-sense solution for our residents struggling to pay their utility bills. We need a compassionate city utilities program that provides temporary relief for our residents going through tough times.

I also want to promote synergy with the Jasper Hospital Board so that we don’t lose our only hospital and access to quality emergency healthcare. As mayor, I will present an incentive package to the city council to help attract health professionals to Jasper. In this way, the city of Jasper can do its part to help the Jasper Hospital Board attract doctors, nurses, and other health professionals to our area.

Let’s not forget that Jasper is the Jewel of the Forest.

Together we can ensure that we have a strong, fiscally responsible city – one that attracts business and prosperity for everyone. Jasper can do better, so I ask that you consider me as your mayor. I will serve with fervor and dedication. Thank you, and God bless you all.”

Elections will take place May 4, 2019. You can learn more about Rashad Lewis and his campaign by visiting www.Lewis4Mayor.com.

For more information, contact his campaign at info@Lewis4Mayor.com