The National Transportation Safety Board announced on Friday that searchers have located the cockpit voice recorder from the Atlas Air Boeing 767 cargo jet that crashed in Trinity Bay at Anahuac on Saturday, February 23rd. However, the search continues for the flight data recorder. Both of the devices are commonly referred to as the “black box”.

Meanwhile, it was announced that all three bodies of the crew members have been recovered and identified. They were Sean Archuleta, Ricky Blakely, and Conrad Jules Aska.

According to the NTSB, the cockpit voice recorder will be sent to their laboratory in Washington, D.C. for analysis, as will the flight data recorder when it is found.

The aircraft, a former passenger jet converted for freighter use, was contracted by Amazon Prime Air. The crew departed Miami, Florida Saturday morning and were just a few minutes away from landing at Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport during the noon hour when the crash occurred.

During the routine descent, at about 6,000 feet the aircraft suddenly nosed down and crashed into the water just offshore. A brief glimpse of the plane was captured on an outdoor security camera at a nearby school. It appeared that the plane was going down at very high speed at a 45 to 60 degree angle.

The investigation into why the jet went down continues, and it's hoped that the cockpit voice recorder will give investigators more information.


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