Several people, including children, had to be rescued when at least two boats were overtaken by rough water on Lake Sam Rayburn as heavy thunderstorms passed over the area from east to west.

Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Wardens along with Corps of Engineers Park Rangers and the Jasper County Emergency Corps all responded shortly after 4:00 when it was initially reported that a boat had sank near Rattlesnake Island and a woman and two children were in the water. Thankfully, they were wearing life jackets.

A short time later, word came that another boat had gone down and the number of people in the water had grown to nine – two of which were not wearing life jackets.

Game Wardens battled wind and waves trying to reach the location where the incident was reported, however, they told dispatchers that they couldn’t find anyone.

Shortly before 5:00, Jasper County 911 dispatchers received word that someone in a boat had located the victims and took them all aboard. They were later met on the lake by San Augustine County Game Wardens and they were then taken to Powell Park Marina where they had originally launched.

Meanwhile, a riderless jet-ski was also found adrift near Rattlesnake Island. Those who had to be rescued said that none of them had been on a jet-ski, so at last word game wardens were trying to determine who it may belong to.

No other details were available.

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