A Golden Triangle online predator watchdog group says a Jasper businessman thought that he was having a sexually explicit conversation with a 14-year-old girl. However, DeMarcus Roberts, who is with Predator Poachers Southeast Texas, says the man was actually talking to one of their members who was posing online as a teenage female.

Jasper Police Chief Gerald Hall confirmed Monday that the group did call police and filed a report on Saturday afternoon, and the information provided has been forwarded to detectives.

However, Hall said that due to the circumstances, the Jasper Police Department would not pursue such a case and instead he says that the information will be forwarded to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Hall also said that he doesn’t believe that the chat logs provided by the organization are admissible in court.

Additionally, Hall said that the members of the organization that were in Jasper on Saturday have been issued criminal trespass warnings to not return to the business, a hair salon on West Gibson Street, at the request of the owner.

KJAS News is not using the man’s name because he hasn’t been charged with a crime. However, he has made a public statement in which he says that his Facebook account was hacked and it wasn’t him that was communicating with the decoy. He posted on his Facebook page on Saturday “My account got hacked today by online thugs. No worries”.

Roberts says that he went to the man’s business to confront him. However, he said that when the man saw them coming toward the door of the business, he quickly locked the doors and refused to allow them inside.

Roberts said he then contacted Jasper Police and filed a report, providing them with the transcripts of the alleged conversations between the man and the decoy.

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