On Monday, KJAS News reported that the Glen Ray Goodman Prison Unit on Highway 190 just east of Jasper had 198 inmates with active cases of Coronavirus. That’s the highest number of inmates currently infected with the illness of all Texas prisons and the number did not change on Tuesday.

New numbers posted on the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) website on Tuesday showed that there are now 18 employees of the Goodman Unit with the virus. That number rose from just 3 on Monday, and the Goodman Unit now has the sixth most employees with active cases in the Texas prison system.

The hardest hit facility is just 65 miles to the south at the Stiles Unit in Jefferson County where 31 employees are currently affected. The second hardest hit facility in the state is just 50 miles to the northwest at the Duncan Unit in Diboll where 28 employees have active cases of Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, the TDCJ website on Tuesday showed that among the 435 prisoners incarcerated within the Goodman Unit, 235 were listed under medical restriction and 200 were listed under medical isolation.

25 miles to the west at the Lewis Unit at Woodville, there are still no active cases among the inmates or employees as of Tuesday.

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