The Jasper City Council convened on Tuesday evening and before the session was over appointed members Anderson Land and David Shultz to the board of the Jasper Economic Development Corporation, commonly known as “JEDCO”. Land and Shultz will replace board members Ace Matthews and Tommy Schofield.

Matthews passed away earlier this year following a long battle with cancer and Schofield recently announced that he no longer with wished to serve in the position.

In other action, the council agreed in principal to owning and maintaining two power substations within the city that are now owned by the Sam Rayburn municipal Power Agency. However, whether or not the transaction or transfer will take place is still up in the air. City manager Denise Kelley said S.R.M.P.A. which is a power purchasing group owned by the cities of Jasper, Livingston and Liberty was still in the process of weighing the pros and cons of the transfer.

The city council also on Tuesday evening approved the purchase of new air packs and associated equipment for the Jasper Fire Department at a total cost of $113,000. The action came following the request of Jasper Fire Chief Jimmy Primrose who said the measure was necessary to make sure that all of the emergency breathing apparatus was up to date and standardized.

The council voted to move forward with some five properties which had recently faced litigation as the result of unpaid or delinquent property taxes in a suit brought forth by the Jasper Independent School District.

During the session the council also discussed bids that had been submitted from two firms in regards to a recent request for quotations for the replacement of all conventional street lights within the city. However, the city voted to reject the bids. city council member David Shultz said the rejection of the bids came due to the fact that the lighting did not meet the published specifications.

Also, on Tuesday, the council held a workshop session regarding the city’s plans to go into the internet service and offer broadband to residents of the city.

A presentation to the city council and others that attended was made by representatives of the Wisconsin based Kramer Services Group, which was recently hired by the city to perform engineering service as city leaders move towards going into the business of providing internet services. However, during the session one of the representatives of the firm said the company also planned to possibly bid on the construction and installation of the system.

Internet service within the City of Jasper is currently provided by AT&T and Newave Cable, now known as Sparklight and also at least three wireless services. However, it is not known when the new city owned system might be up and running.

The council also heard an update on the city leader’s plans to create and institute zoning with the city. Bryan Mabry who represents the company that was hired to put the plan together said they were still in the process of gathering information and facts for the proposed zoning. He said various committees would be assembled or appointed to seek information and comment.