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Newton County Sheriff Robert Burby

Newton County Sheriff Robert Burby, who has been on the job for just over a week, said on Monday that he and Chief Deputy Odis Lane have completed a series of one-on-one meetings with each employee, during which he explained what he expects of each of them.

Burby said “I informed them that I will create and sustain a highly productive work environment. Our goal is to provide quality and effective services to the public. I made it clear that this will be accomplished by effectively communicating what is needed and what needs to be done.”

As for himself, Burby said he told each employee that he, himself, has an obligation to fulfill. “I explained my role as their leader and what they can expect from me as well. I challenged each of them to always preform at their best no matter how difficult. I told them that the Citizens of Newton County are our customers and quality public safety is our product”, said Burby.

Burby also emphasized that the department will be very open with the citizens that they serve, and he plans to use social media as the platform for giving important and timely information to citizens. Burby said “We are in the process of updating our Organizational Facebook, and other sites to provide updated and essential information. In the future, I plan to provide timely press releases on crime and other pertinent information on Facebook.”

Burby summed it up by saying “My first week was exciting and I look forward to providing great services to the public. We want all of you to be stakeholders in our quest to make Newton County Great.”

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