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A Stay-at-Home Order was issued early Friday afternoon for Jefferson, Orange, and Hardin Counties. However, Jasper County Judge Mark Allen stated that no order has yet been issued for Jasper, Newton, and Tyler Counties. Judge Allen said that he along with Judge Kenneth Weeks of Newton County and Judge Jacques Blanchette of Tyler County were still working on drafting plans specifically for their respective counties.

Judge Allen said late Friday that he expected a plan and details for these three counties to be announced at some point.

This follows a stay-at-home order that had been issued at about 10:45 Friday morning by Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames, and that came after some 49 doctors and 9 nurse practitioners signed off on a letter to Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick urging him and the other county leaders to “…immediately issue a Stay at Home order consistent with the one issued by Harris county, which allows only pre-assigned critical infrastructure as listed by the US Department of Homeland Security National Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) to remain open and for people to remain in their individual residences unless absolutely necessary”.

Meanwhile, Judge Allen said that so far, as of noon Friday, there were still no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Jasper, Newton, or Tyler Counties. He said here in Jasper County, some 22-33 people had been tested thus far, and of those about 11 tests had already returned with negative results, and they were still waiting for the results from the remainder of the tests.

Across the state of Texas, some 240 new cases were confirmed in less than 24 hours. Statewide cases numbered 1,424 on Thursday afternoon, and that number went up to 1,664 as of noon Friday.

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