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Jeremy O. Brown

The sexual abuse of a child case against 28-year-old Jeremy O. Brown is over. It ended late Thursday afternoon in a mistrial after the 6 man, 6 woman jury informed State District Judge Craig Mixson that they were hopelessly deadlocked.

The jury began deliberating at 9:55 Thursday morning and after a lunch break, twice the jury informed the judge that they were locked up, and twice he sent them back for more deliberation.

Finally, at 4:45, they came back in a third time and again informed the judge that they were still hopelessly deadlocked, so Judge Mixson declared a mistrial.

Brown’s defense attorney, Jeremy Willis of Nacogdoches, told KJAS News that the jury was evenly spilt, 6-6, on guilt or innocence.

Testimony began and ended on Wednesday with the prosecution calling the alleged victim to the stand. She is 14 now, and the alleged events occurred when she was ages 11 and 12.

The girl testified that Brown, who was her mother’s boyfriend at the time, began by inappropriately touching her, and it later advanced to him attempting, but failing, to have sexual intercourse with her twice.

A prosecution witness corroborated that testimony, while a defense witness refuted her claim.

Jasper County District Attorney Anne Pickle and Assistant DA Carol Dillon brought to the stand Brenda Garison, an RN who specializes in examinations of women who have been (allegedly) sexually assaulted. Garison testified that she examined the girl and she did observe an injury consistent with penetration.

However, defense attorney Jeremy Willis brought only one witness, Jeremy Brown’s cousin, Anthony Holmes, who testified that he asked the girl “Did my cousin really do that to you?”, and he said the girl told him that it really did not happen, and she admitted that she made it all up because her mother did not give her enough attention and she wanted more attention from her.

Meanwhile, the prosecution can, if they choose to do so, bring Jeremy Brown to trial again.

This was actually the second time that Jeremy Brown had been taken to trial, but the first time that an actual trial had occurred. Last month, in January, the judge, prosecution, defense, and Brown were all in place, but not enough jurors showed up for jury duty to form a jury, so the trial had to be postponed.


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