An attorney representing a Tyler County citizens group addressed the Woodville City Council on Monday and he urged them to study the potential negative impact of a proposed slaughterhouse in or near Woodville.

Dallas J. Barrington represents The Concerned Citizens of Tyler County, a group that opposes the possible construction of an industrial slaughterhouse by East Texas Packing Company.

Barrington urged council to reconsider a service agreement signed by the mayor and a company official for utility service. Barrington said to council members "Go back through and look at this and scrutinize this, see if this is really what's good for the community".

Barrington charges that the City of Woodville hasn't conducted a thorough investigation of the plant and hasn't approved any environmental studies.

Barrington said "We'll do what we need to do to protect the citizens of this county".

Several months ago, KJAS News left word with the company that we wanted to give them an opportunity to make a statement about their proposed facility, but we never heard back from them.


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