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Bobby Biscamp

It was announced late Wednesday that all charges against Jasper County Tax Assessor-Collector Bobby Biscamp had been dropped.

Local attorney Billy Morian, Jr. ,who represents Biscamp, said attorneys with the Texas Attorney General's Office notified him that after reviewing the case, they had decided that not enough evidence existed to prove that Biscamp, who was charged with Theft by Public Servant and Securing Execution of a Document by Deception, had done anything wrong.

The announcement came during heated political election as Biscamp is challenged by his former employee, Cindy Stephenson, who reportedly made the allegations against him, sparking the investigation that resulted in the indictment.

Following the allegations by Stephenson, County Officials here opted not to investigate or prosecute the case but instead to turn it over to the Texas Attorney General.

In his statement to the media, Morian said:

Wednesday, February 19th, 2020 statement from attorney William S. “Billy” Morian, Jr. on behalf of his client, Jasper County Tax Assessor-Collector Bobby Biscamp:

On November 29, 2019, our Jasper County Tax Assessor-Collector was indicted for the offenses of Theft by Public Servant and Securing Execution of a Document by Deception. The State investigation was initiated by Texas Ranger Andres de la Garza and was ultimately prosecuted by the Texas Attorney General’s Office.

Late this afternoon, the state filed its Motion to Dismiss based on the State having insufficient evidence. This motion has been forwarded to the Judge assigned to hear this case, Honorable K. Michael Mayes from Montgomery County. It is anticipated that this order will be signed immediately, dismissing all charges against Bobby Biscamp. This dismissal will completely exonerate Bobby Biscamp and allow him to continue to serve the residents of Jasper County with the same dedication, honesty and integrity he has had for the past 16 years.

This matter has been extremely hard on Bobby, his family and friends. Bobby Biscamp thanks his family, his many friends, and all residents and citizens of Jasper County for their continued support and encouragement through this long and difficult process. He has steadfastly maintained his innocence the entire time.

Even though early voting has already begun, he is very optimistic that the turn out will be good and he hopes to continue to serve Jasper County and its residents for another four years.

From the beginning, Biscamp who has served for over 16 years as Tax Assessor-Collector denied the allegations saying he was innocent. In addition, Biscamp denied claims which he said had been made by Stephenson accusing him of making sexual advances towards her.

Biscamp also released a statement which said that Stephenson, who had been placed on administrative leave for over two years by county officials following her allegations had received almost $300,000 in pay and out of court settlements from Jasper County as a result of the allegations.

Stephenson said she was not aware that state prosecutors had decided to ask that all charges against Biscamp be dropped and that she did not wish to comment at that point.

NOTE: Due to the fact that Wednesday's announcement came in the middle of a heated race between the two, KJAS has extended an invitation to both Biscamp and Stephenson to be guest during the 8:00 news on Thursday morning in attempt to better inform the people of Jasper County.