Cynthia Hall Billy Rowles.jpg

LEFT - Newton County Chief Deputy Cynthia Hall

RIGHT - Newton County Sheriff Billy Rowles

Newton County Sheriff Billy Rowles said on Wednesday that he is not seeking re-election in 2020, and his Chief Deputy, Cynthia Hall, has announced that she will be running for the office.

Rowles, who is 74 now, is in his first and only term. He ran for sheriff in 2016 against Hall, and after winning election he immediately took her in as his Chief Deputy.

Meanwhile, Hall who is 61, is in her 19th year in law enforcement, all of which has been spent serving Newton County residents. She also served a stint as Interim Sheriff when, in August of 2014, she was requested to do so by the Newton County Commissioners Court after former sheriff Eddie Shannon was indicted by a grand jury on a terroristic threat charge, and was placed on paid administrative leave. Shannon was later acquitted of the charge in a jury trial in March, in which Hall testified for the prosecution.

When Shannon returned to his elected position, Hall resigned and then ran against him and handily beat him in the March 2015 Democratic Primary.

Rowles, who is a retired Texas State Trooper, went on to become Jasper County Sheriff for several years. He stepped out of retirement again when he ran for Newton County Sheriff.

On Wednesday, Rowles said “If I won re-election, I would be nearly 80-years-old by the time that term was up. It’s just time to spend time with mama (his wife) and enjoy life for a change”.

The following is a statement released by Newton County Chief Deputy Cynthia Hall on Wednesday:

My name is Cynthia Hall. I am running in the upcoming Newton County Sheriff's election. I am 61 years young and was lucky enough to call Burkeville, Texas home since the age of 2.

I attended Burkeville ISD as a child and in 1991 I recieved my certificate for Emergency Medical Technician. That year I started my service to Newton County as a First Responder for over 20 years. I was given the Builders Award from the Newton Masonic Lodge in Burkeville for those years of service.

In 1999 I worked at the Newton county Correctional Prison and later in 2000 I began my Law Enforcement Career at Newton County Sheriff's office. I was a Jailer/ Dispatcher for one year and in 2002 I became Jail Captain. In 2004 I attended the Angelina Police Academy in Lufkin Texas and after completing the Academy I returned to home, to Newton County. In August 2004 Sheriff Wayne Powell offered me a part time Deputy job. Just one month later in September 2004 Sheriff Powell offered me a full time Deputy position. Sheriff Powell taught me the love of the job.

In late 2004 Sheriff Joe Walker took the reins and I was blessed to work for him until 2012. Sheriff Walker taught me how to do the job.

From 2012- 2015 I worked under Sheriff Shannon. I worked as Newton County Bailiff and as a reserve officer for the Newton Police Department from 2015 - 2016. I still currently serve as a reserve officer for Newton PD to this day. Then in 2017 I came back home to the Newton County Sheriff's office under Sheriff Billy Rowles where I serve him as Chief Deputy and have a total of 19 years in law enforcement. Sheriff Rowles has taught me Patience and how to be graceful even under pressure. .. Sheriff Rowles is a True Texas Sheriff.

I have had the pleasure of serving Newton County for 28 years total EMS and law enforcement. If elected I will continue to give 100% of myself to this County. My door will always be open. I look forward to visiting with you and answering any questions you may have. I ask that if you believe in me and my vision for Newton County to elect me as your Sheriff in the upcoming 2020 Sheriff's election. Thank you for your time and God Bless Newton County.

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