Last week KJAS News told you about Vernon Parish investigators returning to the site where a teenage girl’s remains had been found in 1997, and now the sheriff’s department says they believe that they have found possible new evidence in the case.

Tammy Call was a 15-year-old Leesville resident when she disappeared in February of 1990 and other than her school backpack being found in roadside bushes a few months later and her body being found seven years later, the case has had no other developments.

Last week, sheriff’s department officials along with personnel from the Fort Polk Military Police and the U.S. Army Criminal Investigations Division spent several days in the deeply wooded and swampy area of the Kisatchie National Forest where Call’s remains were found by a hunter. Sheriff Sam Craft and Detective Rhonda Jordan said that they were searching every square inch of that area and were sifting through the dirt and mud in the hopes of finding anything linked to the girl.

Craft said that a cadaver dog was brought in to sniff the ground and it alerted on a two spots. It was in those spots that Craft said investigators carefully excavated the ground and discovered “objects of interest”, which have now been sent to a forensic crime lab for testing.

However, Craft and Jordan are tight-lipped about exactly what those objects are.

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