The repair and maintenance of nearby Dam B has forced the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to temporarily empty the lake, leaving the reservoir with little water, in very isolated areas and the Neches River. However, the problem is that the limited areas of water has drawn fisherman who are converging on the area in droves, causing safety hazards as they park along Highway 190.

In an attempt to reduce the safety hazards and concerns, the Texas Department of Public Safety announced on Wednesday that it will soon begin enforcement of traffic laws prohibiting vehicles parked along the highway and fishing from the bridge.

Officers say they must enforce the law, but at the same time they want everyone to have fair warning that they will be towing vehicles and writing tickets.

Bottom line is fish all you want, but don't park in the no parking areas along the highway and don't fish from the bridge.

Game wardens also remind that will it is certainly ok to walk into the lake bed and fish, that four wheelers or other motor vehicles are not allowed on the lake bed.