Jasper Fire Marshal Brandon Duckworth said Friday he and others now believe the fire that severely damaged a home at 404 Neal Street on Wednesday afternoon might have been sparked by a lawnmower.

According to Duckworth, there is evidence that a lawnmower, which had just been used and returned to the carport area of the home, might have ignited the fire.

The volunteers of the Jasper Fire Department and other emergency crews were dispatched to the residence, just off of Peachtree Street, shortly before 6:00, when it was reported that the single story, brick structure as on fire.and arrived at the scene to find the rear carport area of the home and four vehicles fully engulfed in flames.

Dr. William Fincannon, who is a longtime Jasper dentist, said that he and other family members were out near the swimming pool, on the opposite side of the house, when they smelled smoke. Fincannon said he went to investigate and found his new Jeep pick up truck was on fire. Fincannon said that as he called the fire department, flames quickly spread to the other nearby vehicles and to the carport. However, Duckworth said it appeared that the fire did not originate in the truck as first thought, but instead from the hot lawnmower, which he said ignited combustible materials in the carpet.

It took the combined efforts of the volunteers of the Jasper, East End, Beech Grove and Tri-Community Fire Departments to bring the fire under control.

No injuries resulted from the incident.