Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox said on Monday that a bone that was accidentally pulled up from the bottom of Toledo Bend Lake will be sent off for testing to determine if it is human. A boater who was enjoying Labor Day on the water pulled up his anchor and discovered the bone tangled in his anchor line or somehow attached to it.

He made the discovery not far offshore from Fin & Feather Resort Marina in southeast Sabine County.

Sabine County deputies responded to Fin & Feather and placed the bone in a plastic bag and left with it.

Sheriff Maddox said "Do you know how many old cemeteries are at the bottom of that lake? There were several of them that went under when they created that lake, so if it's a human bone, it could've came from one of those old cemeteries".

Maddox noted that the angler marked the exact spot with his boat's GPS unit, and he said that the bone will be sent off for testing on Tuesday. If it's determined to be human, Maddox said that spot on the lake bed will be explored.

Meanwhile, Maddox said that he expects to issue a press release with more details on Tuesday.

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