Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman on Thursday praised his deputies for the work they did in solving a crime and recovering stolen property.

Captain Morgan Downs said it was not high-tech that led to a break in the case, but instead old fashioned police work that also resulted in identifying a suspect.

According to Downs, it all began in the early hours of Tuesday morning, when a deputy, who was on routine patrol, found an abandoned cargo trailer on County Road 44. Downs said all indications were that the trailer had become stuck in the mud and the vehicle pulling it had left it behind.

Downs said a vehicle, which was believed to have been pulling the trailer, a large pick up truck with dual rear wheels was found just off of Recreational Road 255 in nearby Tyler County.

Downs said an investigation conducted by he and Lieutenant Charles Willis soon revealed that the trailer had been stolen from a self storage business on Highway 96, and used the in burglary of at least 12 storage units near the intersection of Highway 96 north and Recreational Road 255 in the north end of the county.

Downs said he and Willis soon not only recovered all of the items that had been allegedly stolen in burglary of the storage buildings, but also revealed the identity of suspect in the case.

Downs said the suspect, who had already been arrested in Tyler County on an unrelated crime was being held in the Jasper County Jail. However, the name of the suspect, who is said to be a resident of Spring Branch, near Houston, has not been released, pending formal charges and arraignment.

Downs and Newman thanked officers from Tyler County for their assistance in the investigation.