Jasper County Judge Mark Allen.

Jasper County Judge Mark Allen said late Friday that even though no order for self quarantine had been issued that there was no plans to close grocery stores or other businesses that sell necessary items. In addition, Allen said there were no plans to shut down most businesses at all.

Incorrect information posted on social media and other sources is being blamed for a large amount of panic that erupted on Friday, causing the residents of Jasper County to go on another round of buying sprees.

However, the truth was that no order for Jasper County had ever been issued or released by Allen or other officials.

Shortly before noon, Beaumont Mayor Becky Ames announced that a quarantine order had been issued for the residents of that city and short time later people here raced to stores to buy water, ice, meat and other stables.

Judge Allen, who is heading up the emergency response here, said the large run on grocery stores and other businesses on Friday also came as the result of people leaving Beaumont and Jefferson County.

According to Allen, on hearing that the Mayor of Beaumont, Becky Ames had enacted a quarantine in place order in that city, many people decided to leave and head north to the lakes area.

In addition, Allen said there were many people in Louisiana who had left the Pelican State after the order was enacted there. He said many of them came to the nearby lakes where they were camping out or staying a the weekend home of a friend or relative.

Judge Allen said the order had not been finalized but he expected it to be released within the next 24 hours. However, Allen said that any such order for self quarantine would probably not go into effect until Saturday or Sunday evening.