“Pieces of video here and there and trying to piece it all together” is what Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman said Tuesday about the investigation into the recent theft of pick up trucks here in the Jasper Area.

Newman said he and his deputies had been busy over the last few days as they continued to investigate the theft of the six trucks; two, which were stolen here in Jasper and four others that were taken from homes near the south end of Lake Sam Rayburn.

According to Newman, officers have obtained video from several different cameras at homes and businesses in the area, where the trucks were stolen  and he hoped that at least one of those clips or images might lead to the identity of a suspect in the case.

Newman, like officials in Liberty County, where similar thefts occurred in recent weeks, said he believed the vehicles were stolen by someone, who was using them to possibly haul drugs and people from Mexico.

Newman also said he believed that the thieves were targeting Ford trucks and not GMC, Chevrolet or Dodge vehicles because the Fords were not equipped with satellite based devices that would lead to tracking or recovery.

Officials in Liberty County have said they believe the thieves are also targeting white trucks because they are similar to the ones used by contractors and do not draw attention.

Investigators have said that in all cases, the thieves seem to be targeting only trucks with large engines and four wheel drive due to the fact that they can travel in areas not easily accessible by law enforcement.

Officials in Jasper, Tyler and Liberty Counties have all said that there was one common denominator in all cases and that was the fact that all the trucks stolen were unlocked with the keys still in them, prompting Newman to advise everyone here to lock their vehicles.

Newman said he believes the thefts are being carried out by an organized group that is highly talented and experienced in such thefts. Officials in Liberty County have said they believe the crimes might be connected to a cartel or large crime ring.

Newman said that one of the most powerful tools in law enforcement was an eye and he pleaded with everyone to be vigil at all times and to pay attention to what is going on in their neighborhood and to report anything that might seem suspicious.