State Rep/Speaker of the House Dade Phelan(left) talks to KFDM's Angel San Juan(right) following his election.

Texas House members overwhelmingly voted for Dade Phelan to become the Speaker of the Texas House.

There were 3 no votes: Reps. Cason, Slaton, and Biedermann.

Phelan becomes the first Texas House Speaker from this part of Southeast Texas since Dade Phelan in the late 70's.

Speaker Phelan says after rules are adopted Thursday, the plan is for the House to adjourn until January 26.

Last week, Phelan sat down with KFDM/Fox 4's Angel San Juan for his first television interview since learning he would be speaker.

He said issues linked to COVID-19 are a priority.

Phelan said on the first day of the session, new rules would be adopted to protect elected officials, staff and citizens from catching the virus, making sure everyone is healthy while preserving transparency.

"It's a huge concern of mine and many of my colleagues," said Phelan. "We don't want to vote on legislation that's going to impact 30 million Texans without hearing from those 30 million Texans, whether that is in person or some limited in person, invited testimony. We're one of the last states in the country that's going to meet in person, 'cause we meet every other year, odd years for 140 days. So we're one of the last states to actually meet, so we can look and see what other states have done well and not done well."

While testing is not required for entrance into the capitol, it is "highly recommended" and will be available at no charge.

Masks are required to enter the building.