Left to Right, Chris Lanier, Jamie Gunter and Sheriff Mitchel Newman receive the power supplies from Trip Lite on Friday.

There was a shortage in funding and Sheriff Mitchel Newman was going to be forced to open the new Jasper County Communications Center without back up power supplies. However, one of the largest manufacturers of uninterrupted power supplies heard about the need and donated units.

Beech Grove Fire Chief Jamie Gunter said it all begin when he asked why there were no back up supplies on any of the equipment in the new facility, including the equipment to be used for dispatching his department. Gunter told local businessman Chris Lanier of LRG about the problem and a few days later the management of Tripp Lite came forth. Tripp Lite, which is one of the leading manufactures of power supplies in the world, came forth and donated the power supplies to the cause.

Gunter said the power supplies will keep the equipment going until the emergency generator gets up and running during a power failure.

Sheriff Newman thanked Gunter and Lanier for their assistance and most of all Tripp Lite for it’s donation of the much needed supplies, which were presented to the department on Friday.

If all goes as planned, with the help of Tripp Lite and others, the new communications complex should be up and operating in the near future.

In addition to dispatching sheriff’s deputies, the center will dispatch all emergency services in the county with the exception of the Jasper Police and Fire Departments, which will continue to be dispatched by the police department.