If you’re headed to Jefferson County in the next week, you need to take a medical mask with you. County Judge Jeff Branick has ordered that medical masks are required for both employees and customers at all Jefferson County businesses. The order went into effect at noon on Wednesday, and will stay in effect until at least Tuesday, June 30th, or longer if the judge orders it so.

Branick says the measure is to battle the climb of Coronavirus cases in Jefferson County.

According to Judge Branick, there are some exception to the rule. Branick said "Those individuals who have either mental or physical reasons or not being able to wear the masks are not going to be required to wear them under this order."

Meanwhile, here in our area, Jasper County Judge Mark Allen says that he is not considering such an order at this time, but he says that he understands the need for a medical mask order in other places, such as Jefferson County. Judge Allen said "Be cautious, use sound judgment, and follow social distancing."

In Hardin County, Judge Wayne McDaniel said that he too is not considering an order right now, but he did say that if a business wants to require a mask, the county would not stand in the way of that decision.

In Orange County, Judge John Gothia says that he will be in a meeting with mayors and city managers on Friday, and he said that he anticipates issuing a statement that strongly recommends workers and citizens to wear medical masks while inside businesses.

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