A Houston company is proposing to build a 626 mile long natural gas pipeline which, according to documents and maps on the company’s website, would go across Tyler, Jasper, and Newton Counties.

Maps obtained from Tellurian, Inc. show that the proposed Permian Global Access Pipeline, or “P-GAP Pipeline”, would begin at the Waha Gas Hub in Pecos County in the Permian Basin of far West Texas, and after traversing Deep East Texas it would cross southwest Beauregard Parish, finally ending just northeast of Lake Charles.

The report said the project aims at sending 2-billion cubic feet of natural gas per day, and it’s hoped that the pipeline would be completed and operational by late 2023 or early 2024.

Joi Lecznar, Tellurian’s Vice President for Public Affairs and Communication, is quoted as saying that P-GAP is part of a plan developed in 2017 for a $7 billion pipeline network, along with the proposed Driftwood Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal in Louisiana.

Meanwhile, landowners along the proposed route have reportedly been receiving letters from the company, or should expect to receive correspondence in the near future.

For more information on the proposed pipeline, visit the project website at www.pgap.com

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