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Texas State Representative James White (R-Woodville) says it’s time to change the time – permanently – and adopt “TST”, Texas State Time. According to White, he has heard from a majority of his constituents who say they are fed up with the archaic twice-yearly time change, and he says it’s time to keep the clocks on one setting year-round.

According to White, he wants to see daylight saving time the standard time in Texas, meaning that our summers would stay the same and we would have an extra hour of daylight in the evenings during winter.

On Tuesday White said “I’m just hearing it from so many folks that it’s intrusive, that it really impacts our health, our spirit, and other bad things, so I’m extremely in support of not having this change”.

White says that people are telling him that they would prefer to stay right where we’re at now, “Really what I’m hearing from people is that they like the daylight saving time framework, but along with that they’re saying ‘you’ve just got to stop the time changes, this is obsolete, and there’s really no reason for us to do this in the 21st century’”, said White.

Meanwhile, a pair of state lawmakers from the San Antonio area are addressing the debate over time change, and they hope to keep Texas on either standard time or daylight saving time year round.

State Representative Lyle Larson and State Senator Jose Menendez have each filed a bill. Representative Larson’s bill would allow voters to decide if they want to abolish daylight saving time or keep it year-round, while Senator Menendez’ bill would abolish daylight saving time after November 4th, which is when we go back to standard time. According to Representative White, those bills are scheduled to hit the floor one day this week.

This is the second time that Menendez has filed such a bill. In the last session of the Texas Legislature, Menendez filed Senate Bill 238 in December of 2016 in an effort to exempt Texas from the time change, but it failed.

As that bill was being considered in 2016, we spoke to Texas State Senator Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) and at the time he told us that he would only be in favor of a change if every state in the union went along with the plan. We don’t know if he has a different opinion about the subject this time around. KJAS News has left a message with Senator Nichols’ office and we hope to hear his input soon.

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