Jasper County Sheriff Mitchel Newman says his deputies conducted a Wednesday morning drug bust which has netted over $51,000.00 in cash, along with methamphetamine, crack cocaine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and a handgun.

According to Lieutenant Scotty Duncan, he and other deputies went to a home on County Road 530 in the Magnolia Springs area after a request from the U.S. Marshal’s Service to locate 43-year-old Craig Lorenzo Booker, who was named in a parole violation warrant.

Duncan said he and the other deputies knew that there could be drugs in the house, but not to this degree. “We had been getting intel (intelligence information) on Mr. Booker for quite some time, but we didn’t have any idea we were going to come across this”.

Here are the total numbers according to Duncan:

Cash - $51,437.00

Methamphetamine - 57.6 grams (field weight)

Crack cocaine - 24.6 grams (field weight)

Marijuana – 1.26 ounces (field weight)

Meanwhile, Booker is in the Jasper County Jail awaiting arraignment which is expected to take place on Thursday or Friday.


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