Cameras rolling, gratitude flowing, and delivery of a new vehicle were all part of the week in Dam B. ADT Alarm Company filmed a commercial on Monday re-enacting the rescue of John Ramer who was burned at his home back in April. Then, on Tuesday, Ramer thanked ADT and the Dam B Volunteer Fire Department for saving his life, and ADT donated $5,000.00 to the Dam B Fire Department, and finally the Tyler County Sheriff’s Department donated a Chevrolet Tahoe SUV that had been used as a patrol car.

Ramer had thrown a can onto a campfire believing it to be diesel when in fact it was gasoline. The flash and flames engulfed him. Ramer tried to stop, drop, and roll, but when that did not work Ramer contacted ADT through his home security system. The ADT dispatcher asked if Ramer was ok, and he responded that he was not; ”I am burned pretty bad. Can you send an ambulance?”

The quick action of the ADT dispatcher and the response by the Dam B Volunteer Fire Department were able to get assistance to Ramer in about 20 minutes, when a normal call out has been known to take as much as an hour in the area.

ADT filmed a reenactment of the incident and it will likely become a commercial for the company highlighting the potential lifesaving tool that a security system could be in someone’s home. Fire Chief Marc Holcomb was one of the first to arrive at Ramer’s home and said, “It’s a great feeling! We do it because we care about our community and the people in it”, Holcomb said.

Ramer has had a long road to recovery, but he realizes that he is fortunate and grateful for the team that kept him alive. “Everything went wrong in an instant, and it can happen to anyone,” Ramer said. ADT concluded the event by presenting the Dam B Volunteer Fire Department with a giant check with a donation of $5,000.00 to the department for their role in helping save Ramer’s life and continue their work.

Later on Tuesday, the Sheriff’s Department delivered the Tahoe to Dam B where it will be utilized as a quick response vehicle with the Jaws-of-Life and other equipment to be used on the scene of vehicle accidents. Holcomb said, “This vehicle will be utilized so we can respond quickly and potentially save lives. It has all the lights and radio equipment to allow our department to quickly respond when needed”.