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Newton County Sheriff Robert Burby

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) answered 86 calls to service from February 8th to February 14th, 2021. We arrested 4 individuals this week. We currently have 27 inmates in the following Jails, 11 housed in Newton, 15 housed in Jasper, and 1 housed in Polk County.

NCSO personnel are doing a great job responding to your calls to services. I have been in the field/streets with them and observed their vigilance firsthand. They are developing into an effective crimefighting team. We will continue to investigate all the trespassing calls being reported in Deweyville, Bon Wier, and Burkeville. We took and are investigating an animal neglect incident in Call. Please remember that your animals depend solely on you for their food, care, and for their overall well-being. Please be advised that NCSO has a “Stockman” who is called to round up loose cattle, horses, and other animals like Donkeys. Please yield when you see his trailer parked along side the roadways. We are in the process of equipping his trailers with emergency lights.

I completed my visits and walkthroughs at Newton, Burkeville, and Deweyville ISDs. I pledge NCSO’s support, and cooperation to the Staffs to make all the ISDs a safe place work and learn.

Please use the utmost caution when travelling this week. The Hazardous road conditions are going to continue Monday and into Tuesday because of cold temperatures. The cold temperatures are forecasted to go below freezing, make sure you stay tuned to local weather forecasts. Be safe out there and remember call the Sheriff’s Office to report suspicious or alarming activities that you may observe. Please remember, “if you see something, say something.”