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Most of you can really tell it is summertime by just walking outside but we, in law enforcement, can tell by the number of reports of stolen air conditioners we get.

The ice machine at the old Kelly Store on Hwy. 63 West was broken into. There is a picture of the perpetrator on KJAS so if anyone can identify this fellow, please let us know.

A cable was cut on a gate North of FM 255 and about nine camps were broken into. The club had been there forever and everyone felt comfortable but I must say again, be careful what you leave at your camp. Now that hunting season is over, set up some sort of security to protect yourself and your camp, but more importantly, don’t leave anything that will make it worthwhile for someone to break in.

One of our stolen trucks was found on Interstate 35 and a Dept. of Public Safety officer pursued the vehicle. When the vehicle was finally stopped, several illegals made a run for it; three were arrested but three managed to get away. It is not a “fake” crisis on our border. These people crossing our borders and entering our Country illegally affects us all in one way or another. We don’t want nor need their dope and criminal elements, if they want to come for legitimate reasons, let them come legally.

We have 105 in jail at this time.