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Well, hunting season is winding down and hopefully we can get things back to normal. We are still a couple of officers short; we train them then they leave us for other employment where they can make more money. Fewer people are making law enforcement their career and we have fewer applications than ever before. The current environment toward officers hurts us as an agency and it also is not beneficial to our citizens. Law Enforcement has always been a dangerous job, but now it’s more dangerous than ever. We here in Jasper County are going to have to do something to make it more beneficial for our officers to stay with us. It really hurts us financially to spend money to get officers trained and rigged out and then they leave us for better paying jobs, benefits, etc.

Several guns were stolen on County Road 317; if anyone is trying to sell you a gun, please call us. Some of these guns have been in a family for a very long time and there is more sentimental value than actual cash value.

We have been dealing with juveniles a lot lately and this takes a tremendous amount of time and involves a lot of county entities such as Justice of The Peace, Juvenile Probation, etc.

Residents living on Longleaf Drive returned to find all of their patio furniture gone. They hadn’t been home since Thanksgiving so we are not sure exactly when it was taken. It seems these days everything is up for grabs – so be sure if you are going to be gone for a while, have a trusted friend or family member keep an eye on things. Remember, security cameras, or even well-hidden, carefully placed game cameras, are a good first line of defense.

We have 120 in jail today. The weather can’t make up its’ mind what it wants to do, rainy one day, sunny the next, warm one day, cold the next - - but it won’t be long until it will be time to plant potatoes.