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We are still finding some of the boats and tackle that were stolen a couple of weeks ago. The thieves were stripping the boats then selling them piece by piece. We have arrested three, but there will be more arrests to come.

We are still taking statements regarding the game room robbery. Commissioner’s Court is looking at ordinances that will help us have more control over these game rooms.

Patrolman Ryan got in a pursuit in Evadale with a car stolen out of Vidor. She got the car back and is getting a warrant. Good Job, You Go Girl!

We have 115 in jail today. I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and encourage you to be thankful for living in the greatest county on earth.

I was reminded this morning to hold our loved ones close as I watched the news report of an incident in Waukesha, Wisconsin where a car ran through families gathered to watch a Christmas parade. At this time, it is not clear how many were killed or injured but it is certain that many were small children just out to see a parade. Our prayers are with all those innocent people, out enjoying life, and now their lives will be changed forever.