There is little doubt that we all will have lasting memories of the year 2020 with its many ups and downs. 2020 has brought us the Covid virus, a shutdown of our economy, a lock down of the American population, political unrest, and several disasters including Hurricane Laura.  No doubt 2020 will not soon be forgotten.

There is one moment in our history that changed us as a nation, a world, unlike any virus, hurricane, or other event quite like what happened the morning of September 11, 2001.  That day our nation was attacked by terrorists bent on bringing our country and its people to their knees. Little did the terrorists know that they would only wake the giant known as ‘We the People’ and reawaken the spirit of ‘Don’t Thread on Me”. 

Please join us Saturday, September 12, 2020, as we pause to honor the 19th anniversary of 9-11 and renew our pledge to “NEVER FORGET.”  A program presented by local Heroes and Patriots and members of Jasper Remembers 9-11 will begin at 10:am at the downtown Courthouse Square in front of Jasper’s National 9-11 Memorial Monument. The program is scheduled to last approximately 30 minutes.

This will be a time to focus on the many lives lost that day of terror including the lives of so many of our First Responders. With the aftermath of the recent hurricane which impacted our area and devastated neighboring communities In Louisiana fresh in our minds, we are reminded of the selfless service of our First Responders.  We want to also recognize responders like Utility staff and workers who also put their lives on the line for us during these challenging times.

A new Flag of our Texas Fallen will be unveiled for the first time to the public during the program on Saturday. The new flag pays tribute and honor to all our Texas Fallen Military Heroes by name who have been lost since 9-11. The names on the flag match the name tags of the Texas Fallen Military Heroes that are found inside the monument. The flag will become a permanent addition on the 20th anniversary next year. The monument is sealed by a piece of I Beam from the twin Towers, considered the “heartbeat” of our 9-11 monument.

The public is invited to come to pause and remember, to reflect and renew our American Spirit, a spirit that helps us overcome disasters like 9-11. The public will be able to place an American flag on the memorial grounds after the program to reinforce our American spirit and patriotism in honor and tribute.


Jasper Remembers 9-11 Committee,

Honor and Remember of Jasper