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We are figuring out ways to work around the Covid-19 epidemic; a few of our employees have tested positive. This means time off for the one who is positive PLUS his partner. It is a scheduling nightmare but hopefully, with the vaccine now available, we can finally get a grip and get back to some sort of normalcy. I took my vaccine last week and will get the second shot in about three weeks. At this time, I have had no side effects, it was just like a normal shot.

Our officers made a traffic stop last week involving juveniles and young adults; Seemed they had been very busy “car hopping” where they go into a neighborhood and find unlocked cars and take anything of value. They were mainly looking for cash or guns or something they could trade for meth. It is a miracle that someone didn’t get shot! This is just another reminder that you need to remove any valuables from your vehicle every night, especially cash and weapons, and then lock your vehicle as we no longer live in the 1950s where we could leave our vehicles and our homes unlocked and trust no one would enter.

A lady was shot in the leg at a home in Ryall Acres during a family dispute. She is back home and he’s in jail. Hopefully, long term changes can be made to prevent something worse happening.

We have 95 in jail today. The good news is that one of our mental inmates may be leaving us soon to get some professional help; he has been here 345 days. One of our obstacles was he had to have a negative Covid test and it couldn’t be a Rapid test and there was no way he was going to allow someone to stick a swab up his nose. But, with the help of Rep. James White, the prison was able to come over, swab his mouth and confirm a negative result. Now we are just waiting to find out if we are to take him to Rusk or Vernon.