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The weather is HOT and so is our business; we are very busy this week. We responded to an oil well fire where three men were seriously injured. Huge thanks to the Volunteer Fire Departments that responded in a big way. These men and women did a great job! If you see a member of a volunteer fire department, please stop and tell them thank you for the work they do. They train on their own time, get up in the middle of the night, leave work and family and miss important events to risk their lives because they are dedicated to their community - - and this is all for ZERO pay! They deserve a “hero handshake”! I would also ask that you keep the three inured in the explosion in your prayers.

We are still investigating a case which occurred late last Friday afternoon on FM 2800; three men went to a man’s house, turned off the generator, which was supplying the home with electricity, causing the man to come outside. A confrontation ensued, shots were fired and two people received, what appeared to be, serious injuries. The injured were taken to Jasper Memorial and later transferred out to other hospitals. News this morning indicates the two who were injured will, more than likely recover.

We do have a break in some of the camp house burglaries which recently occurred and we are still working on that. So much going on!

We have 121 in jail this morning. The dog days of summer have certainly arrived and it may be six weeks or so before things began to cool off a bit.

Highway litter is a nuisance and unsightly. Try to keep those corn sacks inside the vehicles until you can get home and dispose of them properly.