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You can tell that you are having a bad weekend when you get into a yellow jacket nest and then your dog gets run over. Things just have to get better!

A man holding a sign reading “Will work for food” was picked up by an individual at Interstate 10 and MLK. Everything worked out a couple of times then he stole $200.00 and a lot of medication from the homeowners. Be extra careful who you bring into your home, it’s sad but can be true, kindness to a stranger can get you into trouble.

We took a report of a 2019 AlumiCraft boat that was stolen from a hunting club off of County Road 701. Again, don’t leave valuables at your camp. A locked gate won’t protect your property. If you can afford cameras to watch wildlife, help us out and put some up to catch thieves and protect your property.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the area churches and organizations who have shown their support for our employees with kind words and sweet treats. You have no idea what a boost this gives us and your thoughtfulness and support are appreciated. Thank you for thinking of us.

We have 94 in jail today. We are still in the scare of Covid-19. Our officers have to respond to all calls and we can’t shut the jail down and turn criminals back onto the streets. Some offices are working different shifts and letting people work from home but we at the Sheriff’s Office don’t have that option to choose where we go and who we make contact with. Our officers take the risk of being exposed every day; some of them have children with fragile immune systems and always worry that they could be exposed to the virus and bring it home to their families. They don’t have the option to “work from home” and must show up every day to protect the citizens of our community. They chose to be our protectors, our first line of defense, and they should be respected, supported and appreciated. I also feel they should be rewarded for the risks and sacrifices they’ve faced in these trying times.