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Newton County Sheriff Robert Burby

The Volunteer Initiative Program (VIP) Orientation was held on October 14th, 2021. In this meeting we covered the Mission, Goals and Objectives of this program. Participates are currently completing all the necessary paperwork to be fully qualified to volunteer in this capacity. The mission of the Volunteer Initiative Program (VIP) is to provide continued support to the Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) personnel and the citizens of Newton County during natural and man-made disasters or other emergencies. For further information regarding this program, please contact NCSO at (409)379-3636 or 3637.

Newton County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) answered 75 calls to service last week from October 11th to October 17th, 2021. We currently have 20 inmates in the following Jails, 8 housed in Newton, 12 housed in Jasper. Last week there were 5 individuals booked into the Jail.

The following individual(s) were booked and arraigned:

Crane, Justin Garrett 10/13/2021 Motion for Adj of Guilty (Poss. C/S 1G < 4G)

Jetton, Daniel Blake 10/14/2021 Motion for Adj/Orig Manslaughter Probation

Violation (Poss. C/S 1G < 2G – Hardin Co.)

Simmons, Christopher Carlos 10/14/2021 Probation Viol (Agg Robbery)

Yates, Johnathon Bruce Conway 10/14/2021 Theft Property (> =$2,500 <$30K)

Elmore, Dylan Wallace (MA) Resist Arrest (MC) Search or Trans (MC) No DL

The following calls to service and reports were received by NCSO:

Kirbyville: Theft of Firearm, Stranded Motorist

Trout Creek: Auto Theft, Harassment, Motor Vehicle Accident (8 pt. Buck vs. Dodge P/U Truck)

Call: Cruelty to Animals, Criminal Trespassing, Disturbance, Extra Patrol, Case Follow-up, Illegal Dumping

Deweyville: Recovered Stolen Property (Tractor and John Deere Side by Side) , 2 Trespassing Calls, Extra Patrol, Burglary in Progress, Welfare Concerns, Reckless Driving, Disturbance, 2 Civil Matter Calls, Theft, Theft (Felony), Accident, Terroristic Threat, Cruelty to Animal, Alarm, Animal Nuisance

Burkeville: Abandoned Auto, Disturbance, Suspicious Activity, Trespassing

Hartburg: Auto Stuck in Ditch

Wiergate: Extra Patrol (4-Wheeler Riders driving reckless and shining lights on houses), Welfare Concern, Suspicious Activity

Newton: (190 West of Old Sawmill Town) Extra Patrol-Burglary of a building, all-points Bulletin disseminated for the suspect wanted in break-in, Animal Nuisance, Illegal Parking Complaint (190 West)

Sandjack: Criminal Trespassing Warning (CTW) Request, Animal Nuisance, Vicious Dog Complaint

Old Champion: Accident

Bleakwood: 2 Animal Nuisance Calls (Livestock Estray), Disturbance, Terroristic Threats,

Bon Wier: 2 Extra Patrol Locations Requests, Trespassing, Animal Nuisance

Devils Pocket: Suspicious Person in the Area

Toledo Bend: Suspicious Activity at the 255 Boat Ramp

Shankleville: Disturbance

Nichols Creek: Suspicious Activity