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We are having a class this week at the new Communications Building. There are around 50 officers attending from surrounding counties. They brought some commercial vehicles with them to train officers on Commercial Interdiction. A lot of dope moves across the US everyday in these Big Rigs and learning where and how to look is essential.

We are missing a red, white face cow and black bull calf that got out in the Five Acre Tract area of Cougar Country. They were last seen on the Whitehead Refinery road. If anyone has seen or know where they are please call us at 409-384-5417. The owners had just purchased them, got them home and released them. Seems like something that has happened to all of us, let’s help them if we can.

One of our employees tested positive for Covid, when will this mess go away. Now we have to start quarantine and follow procedures, this has been a nightmare for the jail staff but so far, we have been able to protect our inmates. When they first get arrested we try to keep them apart for the first 14 days, this is hard in a small jail.

We have 87 in jail today. The court voted to buy a new generator for the jail since the old one went out during Hurricane Laura. Coastal from Louisiana had brought us one from Broussard, LA during the storm and has kept us in compliance with the Jail Commission. These folks have really helped us in a time when we needed them, must be good folks.