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It has been really hot and humid the last few days and we need to be extra careful while doing outside chores. We are in the prime time of hurricane season and there have been and are still some systems to watch; always be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Hunting season is close at hand and time to start thinking about buying license, preparing the deer stands and feeders and getting into those hunting camps. We ask that you please treat others the way you would want to be treated. Arguing and fussing, when usually both parties have a gun, isn’t smart and could play out to be deadly; besides, many times, your kids are watching and taking mental notes on how you handle the situation. Enjoy your season, pick up your own trash and practice gun safety at all times. Always Safety First.

Our officers have been sitting with a mental patient for hours waiting on an available bed in a facility so they can transport. This ties up our officers and keeps them from performing their regular duties. Unfortunately, things haven’t changed much over the years. But, it’s Monday, a regular work day, so maybe we can get the ball rolling and get some help.

The young man who walked off from a home on Hwy. 63 West was found at the Old Temple Nursery the next day and officials advised him to report to Tyler County where he was on probation.

The two men who were shot on FM 2800 are recovering and we’ve talked to everyone involved and warrants are pending.

We have 130 in jail today. It’s budget time and we didn’t get everything we asked for, but we did get some, and we are grateful for those.

NOTICE: As of Sept. 1, 2019, those arrested on certain charges will be required to submit to a DNA swab.