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We were so busy Saturday, we were running around like crazy. Some equipment was stolen from an oil well site in Buna. The items they took, plus the damage they did, amounted to several thousand dollars. These oil wells bring revenue into our county and many of our citizens benefit as well, not to mention the jobs they offer our area. These thieves are an embarrassment; if they won’t do something productive, the least they could do is not be destructive. I have never understood why someone wants to tear down what someone else has built up. Shameful!

A man with several outstanding warrants was on the loose in the Roganville area. We had several officers out looking for him then got a call from the jail that five inmates had taken a blanket and tied the door shut and then flooded their cell. They made threats, but after officers arrived the inmates changed their mind and decided to stand down. We had officers scattered all over the County and working hard - in the rain!

We have 90 in jail today. The prison has agreed to take 9 inmates in August on the condition that we deliver the inmates to the other side of San Antonio, which we will do just to lower the numbers in our jail. We have some inmates with mental issues and we can’t seem to find them any help. This has been a problem since I’ve been here and it just hasn’t gotten any better, if anything maybe it’s worse.

I want to again thank all those who have brought snacks, sweets and cards of encouragement and support. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness and the support means more than you can know.

We’ve really enjoyed these evening showers as it sure cools things off. We still have August which is usually the hottest month of the year. Just pray we keep side stepping these tropical storms and hurricanes. I’ll take a few inches of rain over a full-blown hurricane any day of the week.

Take care and stay safe.