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Fourteen storage buildings were broken into at Rayburn Country but we were able to identify and arrest a suspect. Most of the property was recovered and returned to the owners.

We have been working short-handed for a while now, but we have two new officers in our training program that should be ready to go after the 1st of the year. We also hired a new man Thursday with lots of experience but he will have to go through our training program as well. We’ve had several of our officers who haven’t been able to take their vacation time because we were working short-handed but we are trying to get that all caught up before the end of the year, as they will lose a certain amount if not taken. We appreciate the Commissioner’s Court allowing us to use our Prisoner Reimbursement money to pay off comp time. Again, it is hard to take off comp time when we are short-handed, so paying them allows us to keep them working. We should be fully staffed and ready to go by the first of the year and we all are looking forward to that!

We have six mental inmates at this time. Two are waiting to go to Vernon Hospital, both have been in our jail about 180 days and were about 340 on the waiting list. Four more inmates are waiting on rooms elsewhere. This is a real problem for a small county to handle. The Burke Center helps us a lot but they can only do so much.

We have 97 in jail today. The holidays are coming and there will be lots of parties and celebrating. Please drive responsibly! Don’t be ashamed to ask someone else to drive if you’ve had too much to drink, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. We want everyone to enjoy their family and friends and remember the “Reason for the Season”. Happy Holidays!