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We thought when we got through hurricane season we would be in great shape! Then Old Man Winter paid us a visit – we’ve been running from wreck to wreck, trying to make sure our pipes don’t freeze and that we have enough layers of clothing to insure WE stay somewhat warm while on the job – plus taking our regular calls! Unfortunately, the cold and nasty weather hasn’t deterred the thieves from thieving nor the fools from acting a fool. When everyone else said it was too bad to work, our officers, dispatchers and jailers at the Sheriff’s Office figured out a way to get to work. Our shift changes at 5:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., rain, sleet or snow – our employees showed up.

Investigator Williams made a traffic stop on County Road 200 and the vehicle was full of stolen property. Three people in the vehicle all had different stories of what took place. There will be a little truth in each story but trying to figure out the accurate, complete story can be difficult. It’s always easier telling on someone else when it comes to your involvement; the tendency is to leave out the bad parts that you played in the incident.

A store in Buna was robbed at gunpoint and the perpetrator took the employee’s phone and put her in the restroom. He then threw the phone out of his vehicle along Hwy. 96 across from Lone Oak Road. He proceeded to Newton County, stopped at another store, wearing the same clothes he had on in the prior robbery. He was arrested Saturday night in Diboll and will be booked into our jail soon.

We have 101 in jail today. Things appear to have thawed out and Spring will be here soon. I have made a resolution to stock up on extra plumbing supplies, when I can find them, and make improvements to my pump house! Never too old to learn to prepare for the worst.

Enjoy the sunshine!