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Where did fall go, sure warmed up and mosquitos are loving it. Tried to work in the woods but the spray I was using seemed to be attracting the mosquitos. Don’t see how the hunters could stand it.

We had some loggers harvesting their timber on CR 032 when their skidder driver drove over an existing well head. The Railroad Commission arrived on site to examine damage. We had two Officers block the road until it was determined to be safe. Everyone worked well together, and no one was injured. There are several abandoned well sites, be sure and always take extra precautions.

We hope we’re through with these storms for a while, our generator was down. Finally found one Friday afternoon. We worked well past 10 pm in the rain, but thanks to Billy Williford and his crew it is up and running. We sure didn’t want to be moving inmates.

We have 91 in jail. We paid $2,300.00 for 30 pills for a inmate’s medicine, we need to have him gone from here. Still no help from the State on our mental inmates. Jail is filling up because TDCJ nor State jail are taking inmates. Its frustrating that we are housing folks that should have been gone, plus it’s hard on our budget.