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Our Astros sure came close to a big win, but we still had a great season and there’s always next year. It was fun just watching the games and the suspense and excitement was on the top shelf. I sure didn’t think anyone could come to Houston and beat us four games. Glad I’m not a gambler.

You will have an opportunity to vote on several amendments tomorrow, Tuesday, Nov. 5th. Be sure and get a copy and study it before you go as it is my understanding that some of them have some tricky wording and it may be a little difficult to understand the wording. Our voter turnout has been low of late, but it is really important to know who and what you are voting on and to have a good understanding of the issues. All of us who have the right and privilege to vote should go to the polls with a good understanding and cast our vote.

A business was broken into on Hwy. 63 East and a safe was stolen. They made it down the road about a half a mile and their car broke down. They hid the safe in the woods, piled straw on top of it. Funny thing is, the safe was empty and the thief went to jail for stealing an empty safe. Another instance where crime didn’t pay!

We have 120 in jail today.

Fall has finally arrived and I’m really enjoying this cooler weather. I haven’t had any luck yet with the hunting, but I still enjoy hearing other people’s stories and making the memories. Hunting has changed a lot over the years. It’s hard for some folks to believe it, but most of the land around here used to be open to hunt and everyone hunted with dogs and a lot of people enjoyed camped for days on end to put meat in the freezer. When a person killed a deer the meat was divided between all the hunters in the group, sometimes they drew a number and you got what was in that pile. Good time memories!