Girls Night Out 2019 Poster 680.jpg

The Jasper Community Theatre will present "Girl's Night Out... it's to DIE for" with six performances scheduled this month.

The play was written by Rick Artis, is directed by Dana Riggins, and is presented by Play-Dead Murder Mysteries. The productions features Jessica Martindale, Jay Powers, Dianne Pace, Dana Riggins, and Kenzi Birkner.

For ticket information, visit the Jasper Community Theatre Facebook page or call 409-384-5536.

The play will run on the following dates:

Thu, Dec 5th ~ 7:00pm

Fri, Dec 6th ~ 7:00pm

Sat, Dec 7th ~ 7:00pm

Thu, Dec 12th ~ 7:00pm

Fri, Dec 13th ~ 7:00pm

Sat, Dec 14th ~ 7:00pm